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The War of the Airwaves

"We close the blinds, because the neighbours across the street are informers, and we turn the volume very, very low. Due to the jamming transmitters we can only receive it on short wave, and sometimes it is difficult to make out everything. If it were not for Radio Martí we would have no means of making up our own minds. It is the only station by which the opposition can reach the people."
Miriam Martinez about Radio Martí.

According to the «Office of Cuba Broadcasting» Radio Martí is the most successful radio station in history, because within months of its launch in 1985 this channel, a branch of «Voice of America», reached an audience share of 80 per cent. The head of Radio and TV Martí, historian Rolando E. Bonachea, speaks out in the film:

"If we cannot vanquish him with cannons, we shall vanquish him with truth."
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