A B O U T    R I C A R D O    A N D    M I R I A M   |   Father and Daughter

"In the evening hours the whole family gathers round the radio, turning it on only so low that you can still hear the ticking of a clock, for there are spies everywhere. At first all they hear is static, but then come the words they have all been waiting for: "This is Radio Rebelde." Everyone listens with rapt attention and draws up even closer so as not to miss a single word." Ricardo Martínez in his book "La historia de Radio Rebelde".

In the 1960's Ricardo, in his capacity as a government official, travels to fellow communist countries, to East Berlin and Prague. Miriam sees very little of her father during this time, which leads her to admire, indeed idolize him all the more. Miriam joins the communist youth organisation "Pioneers".

By the early 1970's Cuba's agricultural reform has been completed. Illiteracy has been wiped out, there are hospitals for everyone. Miriam is now fifteen years old. The first arguments with her father arise.
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