A B O U T    R I C A R D O    A N D    M I R I A M   |   Father and Daughter

Ricardo Martínez and the time of Radio Rebelde
Miriam Martínez and the time of Radio Martí

In 1955 Miriam Martínez is born in Havana, during the time of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. While the Cuban people is being brutally oppressed, every evening brings plane loads of rich Americans from Miami to the «Tropicana» night-club and to the brothels of Havana. Miriam's father Ricardo is only 19 years old when she is born. He works for a small private radio station in the capital. Miriam is not quite two years old when he quits his well-paid job from one day to the next in order to go off and join Fidel Castro's rebels in the Sierra Maestra.

Eighteen months later Ricardo returns to Havana. His Radio Rebelde has contributed significantly to the triumph of the revolution.
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