A B O U T    T H E    F I L M   |   Interview with Christian Frei

What was the most difficult part of the production?
The shoot in the Sierra Maestra. The old broadcasting station of Radio Rebelde is in a shack in Fidel Castro's erstwhile headquarters, in the roughest and remotest part of that mountain range. There was so much rain that our Japanese jeeps couldn't get up there, and only a Russian military jeep got through. The last leg of the journey on mule back turned into a dangerously slippery exercise. That was enormously difficult.

Miriam and her family actually went into exile in the course of the shoot?
Yes. But when we began shooting it wasn't certain whether Miriam and her family would be able to leave the country on the appointed day. That raised a lot of logistical problems, and in the days before their departure we were at least as stressed out as Miriam herself. In the end, however, the shoot of those existential moments became an unforgettable experience, for us as well as for them.
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