A B O U T    T H E    F I L M   |   Interview with Christian Frei

Who in Cuba authorized your project?
We wanted Castro himself to okay the production. In the course of my research I met the head of the Department of Publications and of the Historical Archive of the Cuban State Council. Since he is also in charge of Fidel's own video studio, he is always wherever the «Comandante en Jefe» himself is. I talked to him very openly and described the whole project without holding anything back. Finally, probably after checking back with Castro himself, they told us that we would be allowed to shoot the film without any restrictions whatsoever. And that's what happened. We didn't have any trouble during the entire shoot in Cuba.

So shooting in Cuba was no problem at all?
Of course there were problems. In Cuba, as in all the formerly communist states, simply organising everyday life is traumatic and tiresome. And of course a foreign film crew will get to feel that, too.
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