A B O U T    T H E    F I L M   |   Interview with Christian Frei

Your film is also a tale of two media.
It is about a few guerilleros who long ago, with the help of a little short-wave radio, managed to break out of their isolation and went on to win a revolution. And it is about the expensive media war that a superpower is currently waging against a small island, using satellites and captive balloons. All of which is very exciting. But in the course of the shoot and especially in the editing room I realized that the even more dramatic story is the tale of this father and his daughter.

How did you get Miriam and Ricardo to allow you to film them at such intimate and existential moments?
During the shoot the camera reaps what has been sown over a long and intense period of preparation with the protagonists. In the years prior to the shoot I had become something like a son to Ricardo and a brother to Miriam. They knew exactly what I wanted, and they both trusted me.
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