Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel A B O U T    T H E    F I L M   |   Synopsis

Like so many thousands of other Cubans, Miriam Martínez means to emigrate to the United States with her family. The daughter of a man who played a crucial part in the victory of the revolution, she finds that this is far from easy, for her as well as for her father Ricardo.

Almost forty years ago Ricardo quit his job as a journalist and left for the Sierra Maestra to join Fidel Castra's rebels. Under the guidance of Ché Guevara he founded Radio Rebelde. Their nighttime broadcasts became the most efficient means of spreading their revolutionary ideas.

Today the glamour of their undertaking has faded. Ricardo's dream has not come true. He had used Radio Rebelde to fight for truth and a just society. Today his daughter Miriam listens to Radio Martí, a branch of Voice of America broadcasting from the United States into Cuba.
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